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Who We Are
Al Dhow Capital Venture

About Us

Al Dhow Capital Venture is the investment arm of Al Dhow Capital Holding that is based in Kuwait.

Coming from the warm region of the Middle East , Dhow Capital Venture Capital Fund or DC VC Fund has commanded the attention of entrepreneurs , Angel Investors and others funds alike with its innovative approach and swift decision making. DC VC Fund leverages world-class analytics, backed by industry experience to offer entrepreneurs a strategic option when they are seeking funds to create their dreams and aspirations into real businesses.


In a world that’s filled with so many new ideas and so much talent DC VC Fund presents itself as a partner, Mentor and investor to entrepreneurs. We bring industry experience, management skills, operational know-how and of course our international network that can open a new horizon. To that end, we keep it incredibly simple. We make investment decisions within four weeks or less.

We help you drive success from the word “Go”. Your journey with us will be a pathway that’s designed and negotiated to give the best routes to success. Our involvement in not limited to the investments we make but also to guide you with strategy and operational inputs.

“Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with wise decisions and brave moves”


DC VC Fund takes great interest in understanding the technology trends and market economics. Our assessments of the opportunities are initially based on this as it is important for us to know that the start-up we are investing in has current industry or market trend baseline. We track everything from financing details, co-investors, board members and management to industry segments, business stages and exits. We use this information to create a powerful predictive model to make smarter venture capital investment decisions.

Our goal is to generate maximum capital gains early and look at revenues as potential returns by making many smart decisions across a large portfolio of venture investments, tilting the odds in our favour on each individual investment. This disciplined approach is strategically designed to produce a portfolio with higher expected returns and lower risk.

We thrive in looking for entrepreneur opportunities that are businesses built on sound revenue models. This emphasis ensures the sustainability of each investment we make as a fund.

Experienced Team

DC VC Fund is led by a seasoned CEO with decades of industry experience and success. Our management team brings great amount of knowledge and wisdom in our investment strategy they have great experience and an impressive track record in economics and company-building.